HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 9th February

Here we go again with our daily dose of unbeatable bargainness – brought to you with the help of the keen-eyed saving monkeys at HotUKDeals

Previously uncool and unloved (you simply CAN’T catch syphilis in them – it’s impossible), supermarkets like Aldi, Netto and Lidl are now the first destination for those of us who like saving money and enjoy the taste of weird Italian cakey bread stuff that it’s just impossible to get anywhwere else.

So get a faceful of this – the 99p Meal Deal. Oh yes children – a sandwich, a bottle of water and a bag of crisps for the grand total of less than a pound. See here to find out which of the big three are doing it (clue right) along with the crippling restrictions they’ve applied.

At a similar price point is four cans of Hollandia lager; available for just 90p in the hallowed aisles of Asda at the moment. That’s 22.5p per can – and they wonder why hundreds of pubs are closing down every week.

Its booze level checks in at just 3% so you could probably drink it all day long while holding down a job as a driver or operator of heavy machinery. It’s far too weak for us here at Bitterwallet. We’re 9% Special Brew men – we drink it in the park with the hairy fellas who give us ideas of news stories for the site.

Ever fancied becoming a manipulator of images? You know the sort of thing – get on the PC before sticking a pic of your wife’s head (minus fifteen years) on to the body of Angelina Jolie before retiring to the shed to do some ‘pottering.’

Now you can, and for a reasonable price too. Photoshop CS3, the professionals’ choice is here for just £175 – a saving of more than £200 on the RRP. See if you can make startling imagery like this picture featuring a seven-fingered child.

(deals found by ViperKeith, Babbler and AndyToys)


  • Mike H.
    You can get syphilis from Brenda from Isle 3, round the back near the carboard crusher, It's true, she told me, I'm off to catch mine now, toodles.
  • Chris
    Saying it's OK to drink and drive? Shame on you
  • Coral
    I've only been in Aldi once. It was a bit like that first episode of Goodnight Sweetheart, where Rodney off only fools and horses steps through the time portal and does a "Well I wasn't expecting this" type double take. Except instead of stepping into WW2 London, I stepped into a Bulgarian hypermarket. Actually buying anything other than the 5 or 6 brands I recognised, fresh fruit and bread is a dangerous game, meat is unidentifiable and random packets give no clue as to whether they're animal, mineral or vegetable. That being said, Brenda sounds like fun so I'm off to give it another go.
  • Spong D.
    @ Coral Your comment about Aldi is midly humorous, but blatantly untrue. I spotted at least 7 brands that I recognised! ;)
  • Cheney !.
    ...Just reminded me of my 'yoof'..."Royal Dutch" lager...3% abv ( approx. ) and 30p ( approx. ) a 440ml a £1 note ( this was 1983...I was 12 ) bought almost a 4-pack with change for a pack of Crisps too...sheer what what I on about earlier re the cow / urine !!!!
  • Cheney !.
    ...however Coral et al....the UK FSA report last year ( If I remember correctly ) identified Aldi and Lidl ( not Nasty Netto ! ) as the supermarkets with the least product recalls on Quality grounds...the worst offender ( again if I remember rightly ) was Waitrose...which is perceived as a 'premier' UK goes to show...
  • Houston H.
    Do you have a web feed I can save? I searched around only could not

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