HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 30th August

new hukd logo Finally, just when you’d given up on it, Deals Of The Day returns, coughing and wheezing like a broken dinner lady. Today we’ve got one of the films of 2011, some data storage solutions and the gift of winter bedtime warmth.

Where’s it all from? Why it’s from HotUKDeals of course!

1004277_1A few decades ago, a young Brazilian boy dreamed of being a racing car driver. His ambition was to work his way up the Formula One rankings and become one of the greatest drivers that the world had ever seen. Fuelled by his dream, he was certain that this would be his destiny.

His name? Felipe Marcelo. Sadly, he had little or no depth perception and he never made it. One man who DID make it though was Ayrton Senna. The gripping film that was recently made about his life can be pre-ordered on Blu-ray triple format for only £13.99. No one will ever make a film about Felipe Marcelo. He is a parking warden. Who we have made up.

1005346_1Here at Deals Of The Day, we’re always on the lookout for more and more data storage. We won’t rest until we’ve got enough to house all of the music, film and television that has ever been made, all of which we will legally require.

We will keep it all on a seething mass of hard drives that we will keep locked away in a secret location. We will never access the data, but just knowing that it is there will help us sleep at nights. The latest addition to the pile will be a 2TB (tittybite) desktop hard drive from iOmega – currently only £59.99.

1005425_1Winter will soon be here and that means lots of cold, cold nights spent shivering in bed. Especially if you live alone and spend the aforementioned nights tucked up in a single bed in some squalid bedsit. Which, we imagine, is most Bitterwallet readers.

You can get ready for the big freeze this winter with a Silentnight electric blanket, optimised for a single bed. It could be yours for as little as only £7.00. You probably won’t be able to afford the electricity with which to run the thing mind you, but that’s just tough shit.

(deals found by HUKD members cath1510, tyke-eng and m00moo)

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