HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 2nd November

hukd_logob1 Typical BW reader = movie-loving, clean freak with an appetite for beans.

You? Really? Huzzah! Give thanks to HotUKDeals for making your day.

516931We kick off the week’s sizzling offer offering with A ‘Celebration Of Blockbusters’ – 10 classsic films on DVD for a grand total of just £13.85. Better still, the box set doesn’t contain the bundle of reheated old shite that you’d probably expect.

In there are Alien, Platoon, Rocky Balboa, The Silence Of The Lambs, Fight Club and some others that may have Orlando Bloom in them and therefore aren’t quite as good. At a little over a quid per movie, let’s face it, you’d be rubbing yourself desperate to get them if Poundland were flogging them.

517379Here’s another deal that you can rub yourself desperate over, or even soap yourself into oblivion with. It’s a ‘better than half price’ offer on Radox shower gels – a wide range of flavours (flavours?) at only 60p apiece.

As is the way, a major row has broken out on the HUKD forums over whether it is actually a bargain, with various oars being stuck in and some micro-maths being quoted. People, it’s shower gel. Get a grip. A big hard soapy grip.

02PAC46mdIf you’ve just been paid and don’t want to be skint by the 10th of the month as usual, here’s a few grocery staples that are on special offer. There’s baking potatoes at four for 20p, four tins of Heinz tomato soup at £1.50 and four tins of Heinz baked beans for £1.00.

There’s a three-course meal there then. Have the soup for a starter and then a baked potato with beans for the main. For your dessert? More soup. Om nom nom nom…

(deals found by HUKD members crazyblondechick, dontdothatagain and Chelle31)


  • kev
    celebration of blockbusters was £8.99 on for ages, so nothing special imo
  • kev
    here's the link:
    • Andy D.
      Currently £63.99 on Kev.
  • kev
    I know that!!! btw, do you know that this is only the cheapest by 4p, and higher quidco from another retailer might actually make this more expensive for some people?
    • Andy D.
      I do now! Thanks Kev!

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