HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 2nd August

hukd_logob1 There’s a veritable grab-bag of cheap goodies here for you today – some sauce, some computerical storage and a box set of nearly-hilarious DVDs.

As per usual, it’s all from the garden of delights that we like to call HotUKDeals. Because that’s its name – HotUKDeals. Don’t make us say it again.

730707_1Yet again, we’ve got external hard drive fever here at Deals Of The Day and with prices like these, who can blame us? In fact, there’s a fair chance that we’ll club together, buy a load of hard drives and use them to build and indestructible robot caddy to help out with our golfing exploits.

Here’s the first two parts of the robot that we’re probably going to name ‘Sisyphus 15’ – we’ve got the Western Digital Elements 1TB USB 2.0 hard drive for only £49.40 delivered, and the Freecom 33990 Classic II 640GB External Hard Drive for just £55.71. Yes, we realise that he cheaper one has more storage space than the other one, but we’re offering them both in case some of you are embroiled in litigation with Western Digital.

730969_1Next comes The IT Crowd – Channel 4’s hit sitcom from the pen of Graham Linehan, co-writer of Father Ted and Big Train, both of which are much better than The IT Crowd. But don’t let that put you off.

Linehan is also a recurring irritant on the international Twitter service (we’re @bitterwallet if you’re not following our scintillating automated updates) but again, don’t let that put you off. You can get the first three series of The IT Crowd in a DVD box set for just £10.97 delivered.

731057_1Finally (and ooh matron!) who fancies a bit of sauce? Eh? Eh? EH? Good, because we’ve got a couple of different varieties for you to try out on your bacon sandwiches, your fried egg butties or pate de foie gras. Tasty.

First up comes the bona fide classic – the HP brown sauce. Normally, a 425g bottle of the stuff will set you back £1.58 but you can get TWO for only £1.50. Then there’s Heinz Twisted Piri Piri & Lime Ketchup and Heinz Twisted Ketchup Fiery Chilli (both 320g bottles) for only £0.59 apiece (normally £1.22). Delicioumous.

(deals found by HUKD members Geemac, Danielle291183, Wolf, lucerysmum and macgyver11)


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