HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 28th September

hukd_logob1Whenever we try to imagine the typical Bitterwallet reader, we try and imagine someone who darts around the country to hitherto-unknown locations in their car, taking their inspiration from a top telly counter-terrorism agent, but who enjoys slow-cooking a nice stew at home while they’re doing it.

That’s you isn’t it? Nice. Get a load of these bargains from HotUKDeals then….

477847There’s just one deal that has gripped the HotUKDeals readership by their teeth over the past day – it’s the Tom Tom One IQ Routes UK Edition. In case you don’t know what that means, it’s a sat nav.

In case you don’t know what a sat nav is, it’s a magical trickery box that will lead you to any destination on Earth. Or, as in this case, in the UK. And it’ll talk to you while it’s doing it, mostly about roads. It’s £80 for the thing but they’re going fast and you might need a sat nav to help you find a stockist.

478402One man who would be utterly screwed without sat nav is Jack Bauer. The DVD box set of the seventh series of 24 will be released next month – but if you’ve never had the pleasure of spending time with Jack Bauer, you can catch up with the first six days of sheer mentalism at dramatically reduced price.

A compilation made up of days 1-6 is now available for only £74.97 – that’s just £12.50 per series and a handy guide to a myriad of torture techniques into the bargain. Them’s a lot of hours of full-on Bauer power.

478321If you’ll allow us to make another diabolical link at this point... it’s said that every series of 24 is a ‘pot-boiler’ – now here’s another kind of pot-boiler; a  slow-cooker that will make you a delicious stew while you’re off out ratting or at bell-ringing practice.

Is a pot-boiler the same as a slow cooker? We’re not arsed to be completely honest but the slow cooker is only £7 and it looks as though it’ll do a lovely dumpling. And here at Bitterwallet, we’re always on the lookout for lovely dumplings.

(deals found by HUKD members alexandercooper, mrsmop123 and andywedge)

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