HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 1st November

hukd_logob1 It’s almost Christmas – you can tell by today’s bumper crop of goodies. There’s tins/tubs of sweets, DVDs and... erm baked beans. Magnificent Yuletide baked beans. Obviously.

It’s all thanks to the lovely folks over at HotUKDeals so give them a big hand next time you see them in the street.

789843_1It’s November the first and all evidence suggests that... it’s CHRISTMAS! Earlier on, we reported on the first sighting of the traditionally festive-reduced one litre bottles of Baileys and now we bring you a big promotion on big lovely tins of sweets as well.

As of today, you can pick up tins/tubs of Cadbury Heroes, Celebrations, Roses, Quality Street, Mingles & Terrys Chocolate Orange Segsations for only £4.50 a go. Come back next week once you’ve scoffed them all – there’ll almost certainly be another similar offer on then.

789795_1Next comes a reprise of one of last week’s offers, but it’s a well-established favourite, especially if you’re a fan of bath-based charity stunts or just ordinary human methane production.

It’s the Branston beans bargain again and this week, you can get 12 tins of them for a mere £2.45 – that’s a smidgeon over 20p per tin. Cheap Christmas dinner anyone?

787397_1Finally, a couple of highly recommended DVD collections that you can snap up on the cheap and squirrel away for someone’s Christmas present – or just buy for yourself before blaming your lack of gift-giving on a terminal disease or something.

You can choose from ‘season’ (series) one of very excellent US drama Breaking Bad for as little as £7.61 or the complete Alan Partridge collection (six DVDs) for only £13.46 – too good to ignore.

(Deals found by HUKD members smudgemobile, Mr-Smooth, diGriz and andywedge)

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