HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 12th April

hukd_logob1 Welcome to the first deal round-up of the week courtesy of HotUKDeals. Your one-stop shop if you’re looking to sit about outdoors in the blazing sun, or bag yourself a huge box of nappies or a cheap cable for your HD audio-visual equipment. Get in there!

654394If you’ve got baby human people in your world, you’ll know only too well how expensive a pursuit it can be. Soundproofing their bedrooms so that you can’t hear them wailing at night can set you back thousands of pounds and that’s before you shell out on day care fees so that you don’t have to put up with their drooling and general nonsense.

Thankfully, we can help you claw back a few precious quids from your nappy outlay. That’s because the popular Pampers brand have discounted some of their ‘Active Fit’ range, with two economy packs available for £10 (normally £8.98 each.)

654444It seems that Spring has finally sprung (sprang? spreng? sprunked?) – the sunshine is er, sunshining and pervy taxi drivers who would normally park up outside the bookies for most of the day are now parking up near the beach instead. You know who you are.

With that in mind (apart from the coastal perving part) we’ve got a bargain for you if you’re looking to sit outside in the few days of heat we’ll get before the snow comes back to haunt us. It’s a folding camping/picnic table with four chairs and it’s only £18.66.

654633Finally today, an oldie but a goodie. Now and again, we like to stoke the flames of unreasoned debate by banging on about what a rip off expensive HDMI cables actually are. Then someone comes along and says that they make a big difference if they’re carrying a digital signal for 200 metres or so. Like no one is.

So, it’s probably fair to say that if someone offers you an HDMI cable for the small and twatty sum of just £1.00, you should probably take them up on it. Well that someone is us – click on that there link that’s just above this bit here that you’re reading now.

(deals found by HUKD members ianshona, andfair and Tom Servo)

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