HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 16th April

hukd_logob1 It’s Friday! It’s True or False time! Let’s call the whole thing… FalseFridayTrueFest!

The wind in its sails is free from volcano ash and comes directly from the lungs of HotUKDeals

657576THE DEAL:  A Blu-ray player from Foehn & Hirsch (us neither) – only £57.99.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Foehn & Hirsch are in fact the alter-egos of Richard Drummie and Peter Cox, better known as 80’s pop sensation Go West.

657594THE DEAL:  A Western Digital 2TB internal hard drive – 7200RPM and 32MB cache. Just £99.99.

TRUE OR FALSE?  In this case, ‘RPM’ stands for ‘Repeated Poundings against Masonry’ – the number of times you can throw this hard drive against a wall before it ceases to function.

ShreddiesTHE DEAL:  Various Nestle cereals at only £1.00 a box. Includes Shreddies, Shreddies Whole Grain, Honey Cheerio's, Frosted Shreddies. The mums over at PlayPennies are stocking up on this deal.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Nestle were recently voted as the most ethical company on Earth, picking up the Greenpeace’s ‘Infinite Leaf’ award.

(deals found by HUKD members soled73, luvclub and Jaycee21)

TRUE OR FALSE? All statements were… FALSE!

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