Hotmail? Hotfail more like...

9 September 2011


Microsoft are a little on the beleaguered side at the moment. Sure, their operating system is still super popular, but every time they try and diversify, they seem to come unstuck.

And for those who still have Hotmail accounts (really?), they found that they couldn't access their emails (and other Microsoft services) after millions worldwide fell victim to Microsoft's "cloud" major technical failure.

Apparently, the was related to the Domain Name System. They said on their twitter feed:

“Preliminary root cause suggests a DNS issue”

Thrilling stuff, eh? This debacle lasted for at least two-and-a-half hours. That equates to a millennia in internet time. Think of all those lonely men who were desperate to view the n00dz that had been sent to them by unsuspecting minors.

Poor lambs.

Also hit was Office 365, Microsoft’s subscription-only rival to Google Apps. That only went live earlier this year, and this is the second major failure this past 4 weeks.

Microsoft are a bit rubbish aren't they?


  • Bob
    Google Fanboy are we? Everyone has a bad day!
  • West
    Once I find a website starts to show rampant fanboyism, I'm gone. I'm disappointed Bitter Wallet, really I am.
  • oldmanhouse
    My Hotmail has become my spam account. I can't even get on it via the website because Firefox doesn't like it, or maybe Microsoft don't like Mozilla and tailor their sites to their own web standards noncomplient browser. Lack of IMAP support leaves it back in the stone age too.
  • steve
    hotmail is old news. use to be massive back in the day with the whole msn messenger but its lost it. i dont even bother go through the crazy amounts of spam. I hate google, they are slowly taking over the world but gmail does do the job. no spam, native support for email and CONTACTS!! on almost every mobile platform. cant really argue with that. And lets not even talk about internet explorer...

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