HMV to offer free WiFi in new 'social media cafe' in a bid to stay relevant

hmvpa_468x374HMV mean nothing to anyone. They're a dying supermarket that kids stare at with suspicion. And so, in a bid to get back to being something resembling relevant, they're launching a cafe.

Because young people like sitting still for five minutes don't they?

That's right, HMV are going to have social media cafes so with free WiFi, so people can silently tweet each other without looking up from their gaspingly awful coffee.

A spokesperson for HMV said that the first social media cafe will be in Cambridge. You'll be able to charge your phone up, browse the web and gargle brown, thick liquid.  Mike Barry, manager at HMV Cambridge said: "It's great to be re-opening in such a fabulous location and with a store that offers so many exciting new features."

"The whole team here are really looking forward to welcoming back our regular customers as well as new visitors, who we hope will particularly like the expanded technology department and our HMV café with free WiFi."

And free WiFi will be rolled out across all the stores in the UK while they weigh-up how successful the social media cafe is. All the while, HMV are staring at the balance sheet, seeing sales falling.


  • klingelton
    could have sworn this is what i said they should do... im available for hire HMV, to save your sinking brand. I really hope they actually try to make this a warm, inviting cafe and not some shite sterile cold experience that we have with HMV at the moment. I'm expecting big sofas and beanbags to kick back and relax, no uncomfortable wooden chairs and definately not pseudo modern style furniture. they still need that method of media delivery - to kickstart sales and a way to browse their wares while people sup coffee. Anyway - we're nearly there. I sincerely hope this works out.
  • Torrentz U.
    So now they're letting you use their own Wi-Fi so you can see how extortionate their prices are in comparison to their competitors and effectively shop elsewhere... sounds like a strong business model.
  • Simon
    When will this company finally keel over - they don't have a clue what to do
  • Dick
    Why don't they just remove all the crap CDs and stuff, replace the HMV sign with a Starbucks sign and be done with it?
  • Spencer
    You know that their coffee is likely to cost £6.49 a cup, right?
  • Spencer
    Hmv are an outdated business model. Simply... times have changed. Where once people would pay £17.99 for a cd... we just don't anymore. Music is simpler easier and cheaper elsewhere.
  • sicknote
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......pauses for breath...ha ha ha ha ha ha....HMV, they are completely shit....

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