Highway code altered for driverless cars

car Ministers are rewriting the Highway Code, like King James rewriting the Bible.

And the result is just as terrifying, as they're going to allow driverless cars on the roads of the world!

The way things stand, the law isn't exactly useful when it comes to robot cars driving themselves around, and seeing as Google are making these devil-mobiles, things need a shake-up.

Google's self piloting car has no steering wheel, brake or accelerator, just buttons to start, pull-over, stop and a computer screen to show the route, guided by GPS and Google Maps. Think of all that lovely data Google will be able to mine from that!

Google think that it will relieve humans from the burden of driving - people who actually enjoy the process of driving will no doubt disagree furiously.

In California, it is looking like the Department of Motor Vehicles will be issuing the first licences for self-driving cars and their human pilots THIS September.

The British Department for Transport are looking into it as well, with tests currently going on in Oxford. The Government’s infrastructure plan promises to look at the law, to "ensure there is a clear and appropriate regime for the testing of driverless cars that supports the world’s car companies to come hand test them here."

The future really is here.

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  • Quietus
    And since you don't need to be driving, you can enjoy the annoying ads popping up all over your windscreen for your entire journey.

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