Technology is Good For Your Family

10 years ago, Theodore Kaczynski's wrote a 35000 word "Unabomber Manifesto", arguing that modern technology would ultimately lead to the downfall of human civilization.

It's now 10 years later, and technology has evolved in many unexpected ways.  Social networking, for example, has created a new revolution in the way humans interact, socialise, plan events and stay in touch, while texting on your new iPhone, couchsurfing your HDTV and facebooking on the new Acer Aspire One has made your life that much more 'entertaining'.  Until the next big thing comes out.

There's no denial that Mr Kaczynski was a bit of a nutter, but could he be insanely right about technology? More importantly, could technology destroy the offline socializing skills of human beings?

No, it won't, argues the Pew Internet Report, claiming that "Technology is helping families stay in touch like never before", and that mobiles and internet are good for family relations:

Many people use their mobile phone to keep in touch and maintain social ties with parents, siblings and children. Seventy percent of couples who both own a mobile use it every day to chat or say hello. In addition, it found, 42% of parents contact their children via their mobile every day. This led to 53% of those questioned saying that new technologies had increased the quality of their contact with distant family members, while 47% said it improved interaction with those they live with.

According to the report, parents even browse the web more with their children.  Isn't that wonderfully so 60s? Children would never dare to bypass daddy's porno filters, stumble upon Sarah Palin's nude pics, and send them to random strangers on their MySpace and YouTube accounts.  They have plenty of friends in real life to keep them occupied, and parents to browse the internet together with them.  Fun things every teenager wants to do these days.

So thank you, technology.  You certainly bring joy to my life.  And now, my girlfriend is shouting at me to get off the computer right now.  Maybe I should send her a text message.

[via BBC: Full Story]


  • Gareth
    Obviously haven't even read it properly you fucking moron.
  • rudko13
    you are completely right Gareth. @Vince wong, go educate yourself. Maybe you read the manifesto, but you certainly have not understood it.

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