Hey Google, give us a Wave! No? Sod off then

google_wave_logoLast week, Microsoft haughtily turned down out application to host a Windows 7 launch party here in our underground lair and as we write this, Bitterwallet has NOT been asked to be one of the 100,000 people who get to try out the new Google Wave experience from 4pm today.

We say ‘experience’ because we’re still slightly vague and woozy about what it really is. Said to encompass email, instant messaging chat and wiki-editing, Google believe Wave will be a major leap in online communication and it has been described as how email would look if it had been invented today.

One of the biggest differences is that members of a wave chat can see messages being typed out in real time – on one hand, they can respond to a question almost instantaneously as they watch it appear in their wave, or alternatively, they can rip the piss out of their chat partner for their complete inability to type without making loads of hideous spelling mistakes.

Social networking features are also abound, with the ability for members of a wave to edit each other’s input, add photos, videos and other media to make a pool of material and to play the wave chat back in real time at a later date. It sounds delightful and sending an ordinary email already seems as archaic as cutting your toe nails with a pair of pliers.

Wave has been designed to be open source so that third party developers will be able to magic together scores of beautiful and imaginative uses for it. Curiously, though Wave doesn’t work in Internet Explorer, and users will have to install a plug-in, Chrome Frame, in order to start waving. Chrome eh? Where have we heard that before?

So as we said, Google don’t want us to try Wave out. If you’re one of the lucky 100,000 and you fancy passing on one of your five invites to us, we’d love to have a go at it. We’ll even come round and cut your toenails for you as a thank you.


  • Colin
    At least 10 years ago, ICQ let you see what other chat members were typing as they typed it too. It pretty much did always descend into ripping the piss out of people who can't type.
  • tombaum
    if a user passes on an invite to you unforutnately it does not mean you are invited to join these only come from google it's more building up as many names as possible for future releases sorry to disappoint
  • Gunn
    Only works on a Google browser, oh come on!
  • Jase
    Chrome is by far the best for surfing the web...and so they should keep Wave to Chrome-only. By keeping it on Chrome, it means Google have greater control on the troubleshooting end...can you imagine how long it'd take to troubleshoot something as complex as Wave for IE 6?! And a big thank you to Microsoft, who extended IE 6 support to 2014. So instead of updating to a better browser (or at best, IE 8), every tech support department of every company in the entire world is sat with their fingers up their arse because "its not time yet". Yes Microsoft, you are purposely attempting to hold back the internet! Note: Chrome best for SURFING the web, Firefox better for web development.
  • Code601
    What a way to gain publicity, seriously.... DAMN SEND ME A DAMN INVITE!!!!!!
  • Water s.
    @ Posted by Jase | September 30th, 2009 at 3:14 pm Chrome is by far the best for surfing the web… Unless it logs my Ip address and repeated image searches for 'specialist material' :oops: I typed in rimming, water sports and feltching, sadly Google says NO :(
  • MickeyB
    Opera 10 dicks on Chrome and Firedog, by3.
  • Junkyard
    Any standards compliant browser will run Wave just fine. IE doesn't work simply because it's the browser equivalent of an enormous pile of dog excrement.
  • Google I.
    [...] Hey Google, give us a Wave! No? Sod off then [...]

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