Hey Britons! Cheaper roaming charges as of July!

11 May 2012

roaming chargesGoing on holiday this summer? Lucky sod. You're obviously made of money. Either way, you're set to make some savings this year because roaming charges are going to be cheaper from July in the EU.

Bill caps will come into play on July 1st, which basically means that if you're travelling to Europe with a smartphone, you'll have cheaper internet access. The EU reckon that the typical family “at least” €200 (£160) or, if you're a typical businessman, the EU predict you'll save around €1,000 (£800) a year.

From summer, telcos will only be allowed to charge 70 cents (56p) per megabyte of data, plus VAT. In 2009, the charges were six times that amount, so this is a big deal. There'll be further cuts and by 2014, the maximum cost of downloading data will be cheaper by 20 cents per megabyte.

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President at the European Commission, said that with these price caps, the EC had “created a roaming market for the smartphone generation. More than that, we have ended to rip-offs familiar to anyone who has used a mobile phone while traveling abroad.”

He added that consumers will be able to choose a “separate roaming provider” when they travel. “If you can find a better offer compared to your standard contract you’ll be able to do it in a few simple swipes, just like when you choose a wi-fi network.”

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  • The B.
    Does this not only apply to countries within the EU? I only do EU countries for weekend breaks, I generally get a sim card for the country I'm in which is far cheaper anyway.
  • great s.
    Again, regulations that benefit the rich(er). In order to reduce roaming costs the mobile phone companies will increase (non-regulated) domestic rates. It's already cheaper to text from europe than the uk if you've no inclusive texts on o2! Anybody who can afford to travel abroad should put up with expensive roaming costs. Or leave their bastard phone at home. The poor buggers who can't afford/choose not to use their mobiles in the eu will subsidise these twats who can't shut the fuck up, even when on holiday.
  • GJoe
    To be fair roming charges don't bring the mobile operators as much revenue as you think - they only count for a fraction of total their total revenue. The problem is more with the fact that the operators don't need to compete on price for roaming charges. They know that the vast majority of people won't bother to check who has the cheapest roaming prices before they get their contract - people are much more interested on how many UK minutes or what phone they can get for the cheapest possible price, not whether they can save money in the event that they go abroad for a few days. Therefore these are sensible regulations because it will have little affect on the mobile operators profitability, yet it will make using your phone aborad a much more attractive option.
  • b0redj0rd
    Picture fail - India is not in the EU

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