Hello to Ofcom's 4G mobile auction plans

24 July 2012

A dog near some 4G

Telecoms regulator Ofcom have unveiled their plans for the auction of 4G bandwidth for mobile phone services. This is as exciting as the FA Cup third round draw isn't it?

This auction will be flogging cloudy chunks of radio spectrum to support the service and we'll all get to download things much faster on our mobile phones.

The sales process will start later in the year, but bidding won't kick off 'til 2013 for some reason. What it means for you is that 4G won't be available to you until late 2013.

And now, Ofcom want to see a new market entrant so that consumers will benefit from better services and lower prices.

"In the interests of competition, Ofcom has decided to reserve a minimum amount of spectrum in the auction for a fourth operator. This could be either Hutchinson 3G or a new entrant altogether," Ofcom said.

This new operator will be going head-to-head with Everything Everywhere (the Orange and T-Mobile tagteam), Vodafone and O2 (owned by Telefonica).

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  • OFI
    Just curious with all this talk of 4G.. has anyone here ever achieved the full 7.2Mbps HSDPA+ is supposed to be capable of? In various spots in central London I was doing well to get 512k. Around my (rural) home I can get just short of 4Mbps, I have never seen higher than this anywhere!
  • Sicknote
    @OFI Yes, in the early days of the spectrum I had a HSDPA laptop what would max the connection out. Today it's back to a dial up experience for me.
  • Jack M.
    Fuck 4g T-mobile cant even maintain an uninterupted 3G service so not much point is there? Just a faster service with the same interuptions! If you cant maintain a stable RF carrier it wont mean dick what format you tranmitt!
  • Skymarshall
    I get 6.5mbps at home. Double the speed that Sky can provide me through a cable. Nobs. Thank you 3.
  • Not n.
    I would willingly give my house and all it's contents to help 3 buy some 4G spectrum.

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