Hello Kitty - new app helps cats take selfies

The world has just acquired another dimension of stupid with the invention of a new Android app called Snapcat – which allows felines to take selfies, and presumably share them with other cats who are looking for a painful, yowling shag behind the bins at midnight.


The app, which was created at a nerdy tech event in Berlin in June, includes a moving red dot on a black screen, which cats can bat at with their paws. When they touch the screen, it takes a photo, and hey presto, your cat is Amanda Bynes.

Owners can also add filters to make their cat look prettier or more retro, then share them on Twitter and Facebook. There’s also another app available in the Apple App Store for 69p called Cat Selfie, which does pretty much the same thing.

This is indicative of a disturbing new trend of feline narcissism that can only lead down the road to cat rehab, cat therapy and Justin Beiber levels of vapid self-obssession. Next they’ll be peeing into mop buckets in a restaurants and hanging out with Chris Brown and demanding tuna in golden bowl.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

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  • Dr B.
    hello lucy are you "looking for a painful, yowling shag behind the bins at midnight"? I know I am. Why not post your selfie on your next so called "article"?

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