Have offputting sex while wearing your Google Goggles

As if Google Glass isn’t daft enough – now it seems that a young developer is hellbent on making you look daft while you’re having sex, too.

sex with glass

A new app called Sex With Glass, which is being created by randy Central St Martin’s student Sherif Maktabi, is intended for use during the act of love. All you have to do is say ‘OK, Glass, it’s time’ and Glass will stream what you’re seeing to each other. When you want to stop, you just say ‘OK, Glass, pull out.’


As well as swapping each other’s viewpoints, you can also watch the whole grunting, unattractive extravaganza afterwards with a bag of popcorn, but the movie will be deleted forever after five hours, so no Kim Kardashian sex tape for you. The app also allows you to control mood lighting if your lighting system is wifi connected.

If you want to peer at your own flabby bits on your goggle telly instead of actually experiencing all the fun in Triple X real life 3D, then that’s up to you. But it seems that the app could be an exercise in futility for people who aren’t self-absorbed, show off sex people. I mean, do you really want to have your coitus interrupted by anguished cries of ‘Oh my God, my arse is really hairy'?

Hmm, thanks, but no thanks, technology.


  • Jonny
    Demolition Man predicted the future!
  • Dirk D.
    Should make facials unattractive to both males and females, as opposed to just females.

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