Have HEMA made the coolest shopping website ever?

2 June 2010

ace website

Shopping online can be a pretty dull experience. Just ploughing through link after link, image after image can be rather tiring.

However, to liven things up, a company called HEMA have made a really cool little site that is fun, daft and clever (not something you get to say about a shop's online presence).

Anyway, click here to visit the site. Once the site opens, don't do anything. Just sit back and wait and fun stuff will happen.


  • Klingelton
    this is years old.
  • zacspeed
    Good fun though :o)
  • johnny
    honda advert?
  • Carl
    this has been in my bookmarks for a long time - I love it!
  • Tom P.
    Copy of that mouse trap game.
  • Nobby
    Good shop too. They do right what Woolies did wrong. And they used to sell off their Sinterklaas biscuits really cheap after 6th December, ideal timing for our Christmas. I must read my Jip and Janneke books again.
  • Klingelton
    mmmmmmmmmmmm stroopwafel.
  • Jonasse
    Did you notice that you CANT do anything on the site anyway? Its just a flash movie.
  • James D.
    Next thing you know BW will be doing an article on hamsterdance.
  • Maude
    This is only about 700 years old. But I still like it all these years later.
  • Ron B.
  • Claire
    Another regurgitated item from years ago. Well done Bitter Wallet.
  • Jase
    To defend Bitterwallet, this has recently re-appeared in my Twitter feed, from about 5 different people...so its not like they're the only ones bringing back an oldie. "Once the site opens, don’t do anything. Just sit back and wait and fun stuff will happen." - you're not joking. The flash takes like a minute to load. A bit of a usability / SEO / Apple user nightmare.
  • Milky
    thanks bitterwallet I have never seen this. do the moaners do the same when the radio is on say that effing awful Radio one & they play the same monotonous shite repeatedly all day, or are they able to put it into perspective. fecking retards.
  • James D.
    No, BW readers don't listen to radio one because it's shit.
  • -]
    Yeah, what type of backwards 19th century fucktard listens to the monotonous shite that is on the radio? Welcome to 210!
  • jack
    sale over at FootLocker.com. In case you require to walk in to a store and buy

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