Have Apple announced the iWatch by accident?

1 July 2013

Apple Logo Apparently, Apple are trying to bag the trademark for the 'iWatch' in Japan, having allegedly filed a patent for the device.

The application was made on June 3rd with Bloomberg saying that the filing categorises the product as both a watch device and handheld computer. This comes on the back of the rumour that 100 product designers were working on the smartwatch.

Apple, of course, are already playing catch-up with Sony launching Smartwatch 2. Their device is water resistant and has NFC and now, with Foxconn saying they were getting involved in the race, all eyes are on Apple.

Samsung and Google are said to be developing their own wrist-wrapping devices but no-one knows who out of the big three will get a product out first. Now Sony are out of the traps, it seems likely that it won't be long before someone else gets one out.

Thing is, is there actually any demand?


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  • tt
    They register names all the time : iSlate for example. It probably means nothing. Also why couldn't iWatch be the name for the Apple TV product everyone goes on about rather than something on your wrist?
  • Sicknote
    I heard they registered a new product called iShit - it's a new piece of hardware you sit on when you need to take an iDump
  • Reser
    @tt because the patent clearly says its a watch as reported in the article? Read much? Idiot
  • DragonChris
  • digibanger
    iMplants iTs the future why stick it on your wrist when we have so many body cavities waiting for the latest tech
  • duck
    No more fox bumming round these parts anymore?

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