Have a netbook for £22 say Currys... wait, hang on, that's not right

25 November 2011

Bitterwallet - Currys logoCurrys have been left with egg on their ample faces, apologising to hundreds of customers after listing a Samsung Galaxy Netbook for £22, instead of £229 on its website.


With Black Friday swirling around, everyone thought they were getting a great bargain come-early, but alas, Currys had ballsed-up. And it was a deal found on the marvellous HotUKDeals.

Soon, thrilled bargain hunters were being contacted by Currys staff who told them that the 'offer' wouldn't be honoured. A spokesman from Currys said:

"We are very sorry to have to confirm that a mistake was made when inputting the price of the Samsung netbook on our websites. The product was advertised on TV last night at the excellent price of £229 but unfortunately when put on the websites an error occurred and it went up at £22."

"This is clearly an honest mistake and we would like to apologise to anyone who placed an order. We will be contacting all customers who placed an order, either by email or phone, to apologise and explain the error."

Speaking of HUKD, they've noticed a good deal on iPad2. Hurry up and take advantage of that before someone starts claiming it was all one big mistake, just like Currys.

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  • Paddy
    I am far from being a fan of Currys however this happens a fair bit. A fcuk up yes, but not just exclusive to Currys.
  • j00
    Anyone who genuinely believed Curry's is going to sell a netbook to them for £22 probably need to spend less time in front of the computer and more time out in the real world.
  • NGIH T.
    of Currys however this happens a fair bit. A fcuk up yes, but not just exclusive to
  • Expendable B.
    It was always good fun, working there, when a crowd of extremely angry punters would materialise demanding to reap the benefits of some typo or other. "Hi there sir, yiz cannae dae that, it says oan yir site thit yiz're gonnae gee us yon 60" telly for two quid, that's false advertisin', ah'll go tae tradin' stannurds" delivered multiple times throughout the day by people who had various faces but the same cold, muddy, carnivorous eyes...
  • Mr G.
    E&OE - Errors and Omissions Excluded. Standard get-out clause

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