Happy app tells you when you’re unhappy

8 May 2013

Sometimes our brains tell us we’re OK, when in actual fact we’ve been sitting in our houses for three weeks, crying softly into a mug of cold Cup-A-Soup.

But now we’ll be able to tell when we’re deeply depressed, or just in a terrible frame of mind, thanks to researchers at Cambridge University, who are developing a mood-tracking app that does more than give you a sad face emoticon and tell you to do more exercise.


EmotionSense gathers information about where you are and what you’re doing, as well as how you’re feeling. The app spends about a week collecting data, including the times you use it, the places you go and how many texts, emails and calls you make. It then compares that information to the moods that you input, forming a more complete picture of your life.

‘People may say that they are feeling happy but they may have stopped communicating with friends, for example,' said senior researcher Dr Neal Lathia.'This is all about building a bridge between the two sources of data.'

So if you're phoning the Panda House Chinese takeaway every night, logging into Foxy Bingo and trawling around Uniformdating.com, then you'll soon be able to gauge when you need to start a new course of antidepressants. Clever, eh?

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  • Tim B.
    So you tell it what you're doing for a week, and it calls you a sad cunt?

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