Handheld reboot of Commodore 64

After the handheld version of the ZX Spectrum caused some ripples in the gaming community, now there's another '80s computer getting a refix!

The Commodore 64 is coming back, this time as the handheld device called 'The 64'. It'll go into production should it get enough support on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

There's also going to be a desktop version, which is quite a bold move, but great for retro-gamers and Generation Xers. Here's a video showing off what it looks like.

The campaign to generate funds for the console is only looking for $150,000, which is likely to succeed.

Like all crowdfunding campaigns, there's a load of bonus perks you can get if you stump up more money. That basically means limited edition versions of the devices, concept art, and more. You can even get your name on the circuit board. The 64 will come loaded up with a bunch of classic games and even new titles, which is pretty great.

If you want in on on The 64, visit the IndieGoGo page here.


  • Fat H.
    I'm a Gen Xer and have no desire to play C64 games, again. Landfill is full of discarded C64 computers so take the hint and stop acting like a pack of old farts! Apart from great music the games were not very good.
  • ToiletDuck

    You joyless, miserable cunt!

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