Hail the patent which will let you shout at your TV to skip adverts

3 November 2014

are great, but mostly, they're a bit of a drag that stops you from watching your favourite shows.

Well, with that in mind, Sony have filed a patent which would allow you to skip TV commercials simply by shouting at your television set. You were shouting at your telly anyway, so nice to see someone trying to put your futile cries of anguish to good use.

The patent also shows off other ways to speeding up or dodging adverts, including interacting with your TV using a controller. In one example, you'd be asked to "throw the pickle to speed up commercial". Not a literal pickle (who would waste a perfectly good pickle by throwing it at a sofa advert?) but rather, a virtual pickle at the screen during a burger commercial.

The idea is that you'd utilise voice recognition, Bluetooth, networked tablets and phones and motion sensing gizmos to swerve the salesmen.

You might think the advertisers would be annoyed at this, but they've got bigger problems to worry about as there's a number of reports and bits of research that show that humans are very, very good at tuning out commercials while they're airing on TV or playing on your computer. Advertisers need to find a new way of interacting and engaging with people, and if that lies in throwing pretend pickles at pretend burgers, then so be it.

Here's a lovely illustration from the patent.


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