Hail the arcade machine that pays out in beer!

15 February 2013

Some bright sparks called McKinnery Ten Percent have made an arcade machine that rewards you in beer, and called it 'Beercade'. That's a game where you indulge in a beat-'em-up and get a pint poured for you when you're victorious, straight from the machine!

The machine has been created as part of a campaign to promote the Big Boss Brewing Company, and the marketing team should be thunderously applauded.

The game is called 'The Last Barfighter' and sadly, it isn't available to buy as it has been built specially for the brewery, so basically, we'll all have to wait to see if this catches on and that our pubs start stocking them.


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  • JonB
    Because beer and violence go together like....
  • evsknight
    pity the game looks utter shite
  • GWilson
    A potentially amazing idea but we all know how it ends. With greed. it will be £6 a go with only one beer being dispensed to the winner. After someones played it once and realised how shite it is and told everyone else how shite it is it will just sit there like a loner at the back of the bar until its removed 4 years later.

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