Had your camera stolen? Trace it online


Getting your camera stolen is a massive, massive pain in the balls. There's no real way of tracing and you've just got to accept your fate and buy yourself a new one.

WAIT! What's this?

Some bright spark has come up with stolencamerafinder.com which may help you to find your pinched snapper.

The idea is that, should your camera get swiped, you can upload a picture to the StolenCameraFinder site where it'll examine the EXIF data.

Then, it'll see if the thief is using it and posting photos from it online.

Of course, you may not find the person who stole it, rather, someone who bought it from someone down the pub, but it is definitely worth giving it a shot if you want your gadget back.


  • The W.
    would be even better if Facebook didnt delete the Exif data when you upload a picture...
  • Doesn't c.
    The EXIF data with the camera serial number is not written with Sony Alpha cameras, at least it isn't on my A450 when I tried :( www.geavity.com is good for storing serial numbers in by the way, and Nikon's anti tamper signature was recently cracked
  • fra
    OK, this is seen as a useful feature?? Just after all the media mis-hype over Apple storing location data on your iPhone/iPad!!! mmmmm makes one wonder just why one use of this kind of data is seen as a privacy issue while another is seen as an asset.
  • Mike
    @fra Do you have any idea what you're talking about?
  • Oliver
    Good job on the change guys! Where's the royal wedding flags tho!
  • Avid R.
    WTF someones hacked this site and changed everything.
  • Paul C.
    I'll say it now. I preferred the old site. Darker and simpler. Summed up Bitterwallet and its avid readers perfectly.
  • ameliashellie
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