Gulf between Android makers exposed, with Samsung rejiocing and HTC suffering

7 January 2013

The difference between the fortunes of Android handset makers is stark according to analysts. Samsung is currently doing a roaring trade, with their quarterly operating profit rising 65% to £5bn, while rival HTC - once the biggest Android player on the market - has seen their fourth-quarter operating money slumping to just £12m, down 41%.

These are, of course, predicted figures, with both companies set to announce their official estimates soon.

What is predicted is that Samsung will continue to grow with new smartphones (the S4 is being muttered about loudly in tech circles) and continual pushing with the Note.

HTC is going to try and get back into things with their own "phablets" (small tablets/massive phones, depending on your angle), but if recent phones have been anything to go by, they could well continue to struggle.

"[Samsung's] guidance is unlikely to disappoint given new product launches and a further upturn in cyclical parts of the business," said Morgan Stanley analyst Shawn Kim. "Smartphone momentum has not decelerated, despite Apple's new iPhone, and the business continues to be driven by its flagship products. This time, it's the Galaxy Note II … with the upside in unit shipments mainly from the US. We expect strong momentum to continue in the first quarter."


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  • spyro
    'rejiocing' ?
  • Lois T.
    Oh HTC. Great phones, but after one year I cannot get any updates and my phone becomes an out of date brick. Probably more to do with the Carriers such as Vodafone, who abandon all support minutes after you purchase a device from them.... But still. Theres your reason. Next android phone will be a nexus, simply for the lack of faff.
  • Tweedskin
    It's a shame as the latest ONE X from HTC is generally regarded as the best Android handset amongst reviewers and bloggers....actually wish I'd got that over the S3.
  • Chewbacca
    Build quality on HTC handsets is pish. Screen on my 8x broke in days. When people said it was a cracking phone, didn't think it was meant literally...
  • Sicknote
    This story kills itself in the first sentence, "...according to analysts" I mean, when the fuck has an analyst been right about anything...!

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