Graveyard of Atari games found in landfill, including E.T.

5 June 2013

atari2600-game-console-pic Over in New Mexico, there's a city which has a treasure trove of Atari games stashed away in landfill and a Canadian multimedia company has been given permission to get stuck in.

It is thought that nine articulated lorries full of ET games and other Atari toys visited the landfill back in '83.

Commissioners in Alamogordo have agreed to allow Fuel Industries to ferret around in the landfill for games, which apparently includes the sought-after ET video, which also happens to hailed as the worst game ever made.

Atari paid Steven Spielberg tens of millions of dollars to license the name of movie, but it was such a lousy game that it put Atari in financial trouble. Naturally, it has become a cult favourite since.

Alamogordo commissioner Jason Baldwin said he played the Extra-Terrestrial game and it was "horrible".


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  • chewbacca
    Fucking contradictory bullshit.
  • Studley
    headline > "found" Number of cartridges found thus far: 0 Top journalism

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