Governments are spying on you through Angry Birds

28 January 2014

angry birds toy Do you like playing games on your phone, such as Angry Birds? Well, it has been reported that you users of these apps are leaving their personal info wide open so that governments can secretly harvest all your lovely data.

This comes from the infamous former NSA bod, Edward Snowden. He says that officials from the NSA (and its UK counterpart GCHQ) have developed ways of nabbing your personal details through games and apps so they can find out your age, location and, in some cases, political views and sexual orientation.

NSA officials told The New York Times: "The NSA does not profile everyday Americans as it carries out its foreign intelligence mission. Because some data of US persons may at times be incidentally collected in NSA's lawful foreign intelligence mission, privacy protections for US persons exist across the entire process."

Meanwhile, NBC have also stated that GCHQ showed off a pilot program to the NSA where they monitored YouTube in real time while collecting addresses from the billions of videos watched daily. They were also able to snoop on Facebook and Twitter too.

They called this monitoring program "Squeaky Dolphin," which is presumably a bid to make the whole thing sound funny should the truth of the matter end up being leaked to the public.

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  • Les D.
    Nice, well that's one way of getting the games off itunes top 100 charts.

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