Government would like 4G talks to hurry up

2 October 2012

A man stood near some 4G, yesterday

The 4G talks between the mobile vendors have been, shall we say, fraught and petty. There's been Virgin Media trying to get the ball moving and everyone else threatening to sue anyone within a mile radius.

All this means is that it is likely that we'll all get 4G just in time for it to be massively outdated and we'll repeat the process for 3D Hologram Superphones or something.

And so, the Government has called for peace talks with them all in a bid to stop all this nonsense (because of course, getting politicians involved always makes things run more smoothly and intelligently).

You see, everyone is kicking off because Ofcom have decided to allow Everything Everywhere (EE) to launch 4G services later this month and Culture Secretary Maria Miller will be chairing a meeting this afternoon and hoping that the companies will be pacified enough to bring forward the release of these fabled airwaves.

If that actually does happen, we may not have to wait until next October, which is good news... if unlikely.


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  • 9-eyes
    The man in your picture is clearly not 'standing'. Please edit your caption.

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