Government won't be hitting superfast broadband target like useless chumps

16 December 2011

A young lad, using the internet

We all want superfast broadband. We probably don't need it, but we want it all the same. Other countries have it, so why not us? Well, that's because we've got a thoroughly useless government.

And thanks to documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, well over half of local authorities have not even started work on how they will fund the network, making it the deadline nigh-on impossible.

Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary, pledged £530m to fund the upgrade and installation of new broadband lines last December. Sadly for us, this is half the money needed to complete the job and said local authorities will need to find the rest from their own budgets. Fantastic.

The BDUK, who will be the pepole doling out the funds, have not been contacted by roughly a quarter of local authorities. Not that BDUK know what they're doing. See, they don't really know what's going on because our blessed government are confusing everyone by making up the process as they go along.

In addition to this, Rory Stewart, Conservative MP for Cumbria, has warned that rural areas "will be hollowed out" economically if Ofcom doesn't get a wriggle on with the 4G spectrum auction.

It's a farce.

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  • Mike H.
    I don't know which is weirder, a robot hanging around with a small black child or Gary Coleman checking out a robots tackle.
  • Roy
    I do IT work in several industrial business parks in 'semi' rural areas (i.e. one field between them and a large conurbation) which have no broadband at all so have to use satellite, and others in heavily built up and populated industrial areas with 'broadband' speeds of 1 mbps or less - I won't hold my breath.
  • AA
    I live in a mediun sized city, we are not even on BT's roadmap yet for fibre optic broadband , yet little villages in rich bastard land down the road already have it

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