Government to gain access to our networks?

8 March 2011 shadowy UK's signal intelligence agency, are looking likely to get an expanded role in preventing attacks against the networks of key private firms under some new government plans.

The Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG) at the UK's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has usualy only been on hand to provide guidance on best practice and security certification to the private sector... however, they'll now get an expanded role in "monitoring unusual network traffic".

Network traffic from "major communications, power and transport providers for evidence of hacking" would be monitored after the government got all jumpy and declared that 'cyber attacks' were a Category One threat to this failing isle.

It has been reported that British Airways, BT and the National Grid were summoned to Downing Street to discuss the expansion of GCHQ's role in cyber-defence.

Of course, critics are saying that this is a move that gives the signals intelligence agency the ability to spy on private communications. Potentially ours.

Do you want a government agency to have access to our networks or do you think they're already ferreting around in there any way?

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  • Mark C.
    Of course they're in there already, but if you think they have the slightest interest in your collection of bootleg fox porn, I suspect you may be mistaken.

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