Government have competition for cyber security!

Stupid allegory for intangible thing
Are you a whizz with computers? Can you hack the shit out of them and make other people's break while you sit on the bog laughing your tits off? Well, the government are running a national competition to find people who can really shore up the holes in websites and make them more secure than Prince Charles' arsehole.

The BBC reports that the competition aims to find those with relevant analytical, forensic and programmming skills using web-based games and challenges.

That sounds like a whole lot of fun doesn't it?

"We are increasingly dependent on networks and computer systems," said Judy Baker, director of the Cyber Security Challenge (CSC). "The whole digital economy and society is structured around them."

Apparently, according to a survey conducted by the competition, there aren't enough skilled people who can cope with the amount of work that needs to be done to make the internet safe.

This series of challenges and games will test the talent and skills of people and on release, will be built around eight key skill areas which include digital forensics, network analysis and logical thinking. The games aim to find people with the right skills who will then be invited to take part in the second stage of challenge. Presumably, this will be a face-to-face thing so those that found the Up Down Left Right A+B+C cheat get weeded out.

The challenge officially starts on 27th April.

Prizes include scholarships, training courses and mentoring to help people be better at what they do.

"There's a real need for people with these skills and they can give great value back to the nation as a whole," said Ms Baker. Yeah, as opposed to sitting in squalor with Dorito crumbs gathering in the folds of their fat, ranting on forums about how evil Apple are or Internet Explorer being a piece of shit.


  • Phil
    How to protect a computer from hacking - Disconnect the pc from the internet and lock it away. Do I win a prize?
  • Derek
    Sure, first prize is a our "special" program to download and run on your pc to make it faster...
  • Kalla F.
    Why does Prince Charles' sheriff's badge need to be so secure? Has the missus bought a strap-on and been reading 'The Acid House' by Irvine Welsh?

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