Government announce superfast broadband plans with Freudian slip

6 December 2010

 It's a picture of the internet, again

The coalition government has announced its 'superfast' broadband plans with great fanfare and lots of technobabble. Aren't you thrilled?

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt (more on him later) said today that every community in the UK will have access to superfast broadband by 2015. That's wonderful news isn't it? Well, it would be if Hunt was willing to actually say how super and fast 'superfast' broadband actually is.

The government plan to get the private sector to fund most of the high-speed broadband, but will stump up cash if you live in a rural area that hasn't even heard of the internet yet.

Speaking to the Today Programme, Hunt said that the government has a key role in "catalysing investment by the private sector" in broadband. Not that companies need much catalysing from MPs as they've been fighting like cats in a sack to roll out their broadband across the country.

Hunt hopes that the UK will have the the best network in Europe, and to determine whether we have, the government will have a scorecard which will look at speed, coverage, price and choice.

British Telecom (BT) have stated that they're willing to match the government's £830 million of funding "if it is awarded the contract to provide the infrastructure for the community hubs". That will mean that BT will be able to provide coverage to 90 per cent of the UK.

While the intention might be vaguely noble, not everyone is happy about it, with one radio presenter calling Hunt a nasty name on the radio... listen here. *cough*

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  • Mike U.
    Quality, I think the guy was trying not to piss himself laughing after he realised what he'd done
  • The B.
    Hunt? Hunt? Geddit? Sounds like......
  • NickS
    So the govt wants us to have the best network in europe..but still plans to disconnect filesharers...the words hands, feed and bites springs to mind!
  • Matt
    Wait, so BT have £830mil just lying around?! Might be nice of them to spend some of that on decent customer services. I wonder if this superwonderfulbackslapping broadband will be severely capped and throttled like BTs current domestic broadband service?
  • Zeddy
    Naughtie naughtie, you made a right hunt of it.
  • Ten B.
    [...] announce superfast broadband plans with Freudian [...]

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