Got Amazon Prime? Free unlimited photo storage, next day shipping and TV for you!

amazoninstant If you've got Amazon's Prime subscription deal, things just got a whole lot better for you as now. UK customers now get a load of other stuff for their buck with free next-day shipping, TV streaming service and also unlimited cloud storage for photos too!

You may know that Amazon announced free unlimited full resolution photo storage to Amazon Cloud Drive for our American cousins last week, but now us Limeys can have it too!

Prime members can upload their photo collections and, as well as that, every time you take a photo, you've got the choice of automatically uploading your new photos to the service while you take them.

Storing all your photos in a cloud service eh? What could possibly go wrong, eh Apple?

Of course, Amazon’s Prime Photos lets you upload your snaps from all manner of platforms including Android, iOS, Amazon Fire tablets, Windows PCs and whatever else there is.

The photos you store on Amazon’s Cloud Drive can be viewed on Amazon Fire TV, Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, iPads and all that, which means, if you're having a dirty party, you can have all your n00dz playing like a meat-carousel on your television set while you pop your business in the mash potatoes.

Just great.

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  • JonB
    Old news: Samsung have been teamed up with dropbox to offer cloud photos for ages. iPhone has had cloud photos for ages too.

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