Google's search engine blacklist makes for peculiar reading

google_logoHave you tried Google Instant yet? It's irritating isn't it? Well, this latest incarnation of the search engine has an auto-suggestion that fills in potential responses as you tap them in, one fingered.

However, there are certain things that Google really don't want you to head toward and as such, have blacklisted them as bad words and dodgy phrases. Obviously, there are words that everyone would pretty much agree are offensive in some way. Yet, there are some really weird exclusions.

For example, Google seems to have something against '90s grunge bands. Tap in "smells like teEn spirit" and the search will go blank at the capitalized 'E'. Same goes for babeS in toyland (it's also the name of a 1961 cult film). The musical oddities don't stop there. Don't even think about searching for "women rappIng".

Weirder yet is that you can happily search for heterosexual, homosexual, asexual and trisexual... but alas, Google seem to have a problem with "biseXual" for some reason. And you'll get very little out of a search for "lesBian", which, quite frankly, is outrageous.

You'll get little reward for searching "dick", which is odd if you're after reading up on Dick Whittington or Philip K. Dick stories. And, for whatever reason, Google deem hairY to be a bad word. Very odd.

Still, at least you can happily search for "oral", "clitoral" and the incredibly charming "how to commit genocide".

See the full list at 2600, here. You might learn a few new phrases while you read it.


  • Chris F.
    why would anyone be searching with random capitalisation anyway? aside from 'researching' a pointless blog post, of course.
  • Chris G.
    ^^fool The capital letters just show at which point the search goes blank.
  • Chris H.
    Oh I get it now. The capital letters show you exactly wH
  • Chris F.
    well that's not exactly made clear in the post is it, smartarse?
  • Chris F.
    I am such a cock! lol

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