Google's 'Project Soli' touchscreen is amazing

3 June 2015

Google-Project-Soli We like things from the future, mainly because a lot of the things we're told about it is really fancy, and of course, because they don't exist, they can't disappoint us... yet.

Google's latest future-thing concerns something called Project Soli, which wants to do away with your phone/tablet's touchscreen.

It uses radar to detect where your fingers are, and they call them 'micromotions'. Basically, you waft your fingers around in the air and all manner of magic happens.

In one instance, in a video you can see below, a chap called Ivan Poupyrev manages to change the hours on a clock, by turning his fingers around an imaginary dial LIKE SOMETHING FROM A SCIENCE FICTION FILM! He does other things as well, like kicking a virtual football by flicking toward the screen.

If you can imagine Kinect technology and holograms coming together, you're in the right ballpark.

Amazingly, Google only took 10 months of work to get all this down to a chip the size of a finger nail. That means it can be easily put into a smartphone, smartwatch, headset or whatever. There's a lot of possibilities for this, once Google work out how to get the costs down on it, you have to assume.

Anyway, here's that video.

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