Google's privacy policy is just 'too vague'

9 March 2012

Bitterwallet - Google logoGoogle's new privacy policy has given the internet big cheese all manner of powers to harvest personal information from search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube and all the other platforms they own. This is designed to create a single profile of a user’s interests so they can advertise at you.

European regulators went mental at the news and said it might be breaking the law, but Google being Google, they went ahead with it anyway.

And David Smith, the deputy Information Commissioner, criticised Google at a conference in Westminster. "Google's privacy policy is too vague," he said. "The requirement under the UK Data Protection Act is for a company to tell people what it actually intends to do with their data, not just what it might do at some unspecified point in future.”

“Being vague does not help in giving users effective control about how their information is shared. It's their information at the end of the day." And at the start and middle of the day as well, you cliche using berk.

Google, in return, are arguing that this new policy is much easier to fathom than the 60 policies it replaced.

If you missed it, their new policy is as follows (possibly): "We kinda just, dunno, want all your information or something. Don't worry about it. What's that over there? *swipes your entire history and stuffs it down pants*"

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  • Clicks m.
    Articles like this might not get many comments, but the story does seem to worry a lot of people. Least it worries me & I like to think I am a lot of people. Most of us just don't bother to shout about the loss of our rights. A friend argues the Internet brings with it great freedoms, but I argue it takes away a great many freedoms too - like the freedom to be private, to go about your business without being followed, without constant monitoring from governments or mega corporations. If you are not worried because of civil rights, then think about the risk of identity theft when this information is lost, stolen or otherwise released into the wild. The typical fraudster needs only a few snippets of information to start "social engineering". Soon they can find out everything they need. Don't look now, they are on to you!
  • The J.
    @clicks Don't use it then. You survived well enough before the internet (which looks amazing out our new retina screen) so just stop bothering with it.
  • Zleet
    Don't really care as long as my advertising 'profile' doesn't start popping up ads for freaky shit based on the vast amounts of disturbing, often midget based, porn I view.
  • Kevin
    If you want to use the main product Google give you for free (ie Google Search) you can do it without having to worry about privacy. DON'T LOG IN! Don't forget that up to now Google has had wildly different privacy policies for all the different products they provide. They are just trying to make everything come under one heading, which is only a good thing!
  • Google E.
    @Kevin It is alleged that Google can actually track your every move across their websites (and others who use Google products such as GoogleAnalytics) using cookies and by monitoring the IP address you use to connect to the Internet with. And for those who use Android or Chrome it may be possible that they will be taking even more data without you knowing about it. I wouldn't be surprised if they also mine other websites (facebook, linkedin) for personal information so they have a complete profile for everyone, but I suspect that others do this as well. I would also be willing to bet that they know plenty of things about people who do not even use technology from purchasing data from other third parties (or by getting their hands on government agency information). All of the above is alleged and not proven.
  • CIA
    It is alleged that the Americans never landed on the moon. Aleged, not proven.
  • Stu_
    Adblock Plus. I have no idea what shit Google are throwing at me. I don't see it.
  • Google
    Hi Stu, been looking for you for ages! let's check your IP address to get a browsing history. Ahh, there we go... Would you like some penis enlargement pills or some soothing cream for all that chafing?
  • jim
    who cares if they show you more targeted ads? there will always be ads, surely it doesn't matter if they are more targeted? Just don't click? The info is not connected to your name and you won't be emailed.

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