Google's Nexus One faces cheaper copycat competition

8 February 2010

Bitterwallet -competition! Win a Google Nexus One Google’s HTC-made smartphone the Nexus One (pictured), faces stiff, cheaper competition in the coming months – from HTC.

They’re bringing out a phone that has been codenamed Bravo – it’ll be remarkably similar in spec to the Google phone apart from in pricing, as it is expected to be about $100 cheaper.

Better still for customers, they’ll be able to get the Bravo over the counter from mobile retailers as opposed to direct from Google, who have been criticised by the poor customer support available for the Nexus One.

The Bravo is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona next week, and should appear in the shops shortly after the UK launch of Google's phone. If you’re eyeing up a Nexus One, you’d be well advised to do your homework on its cheaper cousin.



  • Pizza_D_Action
    HTC phones kick ass... can't wait to see the Bravo.
  • Rich
    Who cares, it's not an iPhone...move on!
  • Tommy
    Surely the major selling point of the Nexus One is the OS, which was developed by Google wasn't it? If that's the case, I don't think Google will be too worried.
  • coldmocha
    I have the HD2. It really is awesome.
  • Joff
    I can't believe you had to wait for the Guardian of all places to come up with an article before lifting it - try somewhere like CNET or Tech Digest for more breaking geek news.
  • Martyn
    @Tommy. The HTC Bravo uses the same Android OS as the Nexus One. The only difference is that it has been modified by HTC with there Sense interface. Hardware wise it pretty much identical as there both made by HTC. I woudn't be suprised if Google lower there prices when it comes out.
  • Victor
    Difference between google phone and iphone Google phone update: If you're lucky enough to have a Nexus One handset from Google then you should've just received an update which will fix the data issues and add in multi-touch capability. There's several websites carrying the update this morning too, but if it's not flashed up as an OTA update you should probably get it directly from Google on this link. If you need it - just dump it into your SD card, rename to, shutdown and then boot into recovery mode by holding the power and volume buttons down. Click to apply the update from the storage card and you're done. Iphone update: Plug your phone into iTunes. I hate apple with a vengeance - but things like this goes to show why they are so much better than their competitors.
  • Klingelton
    they all have their upsides and their downsides. for example, i have the touch pro 2 which is easily the best phone i've ever owned. i'm still slightly envious of some of the features the iphone has but when i see those iphone owners struggling to send a message, i remember why i got a phone with a 5 row qwerty keyboard. as i say - they all have their up sides and their downsides. I've still yet to see what makes the google phone so impressive as it is simply a re-branded HTC phone. and HTC have proved it by essentially releasing a cheaper version of the phone. Maybe it was a market strategy all along, to piggy back off the giant that is google and use them for some free advertising before announcing this as an aside. HTC remain the best smart phone manufacturer in the market place at the moment imho. as soon as winmo 7 lands, iphone is dead (i hope)
  • maxtweenie
    The Bravo and Nexus One may use the same Android 2.1 and be essentially the same 'under the bonnet', but cosmatically, the Bravo looks much better in my opinion. A trackpad replaces the fiddly trackwheel design of the Nexus One, and the all black design looks far more impressive. Plus, it shits all over the Iphone.
  • The B.
    Iphone update: Plug your phone into iTunes. OR, as has happened to me on no less than 3 occasions on 3 seperate instances of iTunes on different machines: 1) Plug your phone into iTunes. 2) Witness the update destroy your phone. 3) Watch iTunes self destruct complete with all of your backups. 4) Have Apple turn around and tell you to uninstall/re-install iTunes and reset your phone. I've given updating my phone now, it's simply not worth the hassle.
  • MattWPBS
    @Victor. Wait, you're saying that of the two update processes: Android: Update comes over the air, update phone, restart phone. iPhone: Connect phone to iTunes, update phone, restart phone. It's BETTER that you have to connect your phone to the computer.
  • Klingelton
    @ MattWPBS shhhhhhhhhhhh, don't say anything bad about iPhone....
  • cez
    iphone update: plug your phone into itune (after switch on computer, connect to internet, open up itune..etc) nexus one update: click "yes". HTC Bravo will look better than Nexus One on the surface, the Sense UI is easy on the eye. However, HTC's own software support is terrible. Though Nexus One and Bravo are both manufactured by HTC, the software support of Nexus One is distinctively managed by Google, which means u ll get updates timely and always on the latest Android version. The last flagship andriod device done by HTC (HTC Hero) is still on andriod 1.5 and the update is 4 month overdue since they announced it. And also, Bravo's hardware configuration will be slightly short of that in Nexus One (e.g. the RAM will be 256mb while Nexus One has 512mb) Both phone will be great as HTC's hardware capability is definitely up there with the best, but unless you are someone who prefers easy user interface to latest software version, and dont mind software lagging a few month after new version comes out, I would go for Nexus One. and iPhone is just plane boring...
  • Rich
    I have a phone, I can ring people on it and amazingly they can call me, woweee
  • GJ
    @Victor: You make a comparison between the way they update, and then fail to draw the correct conclusion; that ota on the nexus is more convenient than itunes on the iphone.
  • name
    Not very similar specs. Nexus 1 - Noise cancellation mic - 512 mb ram - one led camera - 480 something video record. Bravo - divx support - 720p video recording - htc sense ui - 256 mb ram - Dual led camera.
  • Coelacanth
    Who'll come with this "buy your cell and call free".
  • Olympia B.
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