Google's new tablet OS in action on a Motorola Xoom

3 February 2011

Tablet battle! It sounds like a tussle between a giant Paracetamol and a massive Temazepam but in fact it isn’t. What it is is the latest move from Google as they aim to stop citizens from buying Apple iPads in their droves.

They’ve unveiled a new operating system called Honeycomb – the latest in the Android OS series but especially tailored towards tablet computers. Motorola will bring the first Honeycomb-driven tablet to the consumer when their Xoom device ‘hits’ the ‘shops’ later this month.

Some bloke from TechCrunch has had a bit of a play with it and here’s his exclusive report for Bitterwallet.*

(*slight journalistic licence)

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  • Tom
    Looks like windows 7

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