Google's here to change the way you live and save you money

What does Google do with its spare jillions in loose change? It tries to save the world, dammit. And its latest work involves saving you money while saving the world. Double bonus points for Google, then. is the division of the company devoted to giving something back to the earthlings that made it stinking rich and famous. Their latest project is called Google Powermeter, and it aims to help us use less energy in the home, which means less damage to both the environment and our bank accounts. It wants to sync electrical "smart meters" in homes with an iGoogle application that monitors energy consumption, meaning you can see online which appliances are gobbling up the most juice and use them more efficiently:

Note that Google employees earn extra income on the side by also appearing in Ocean Finance ads ("Thanks to Google, I consolidated all my debt into one affordable monthly sum and saved $3,000"). The system is still in private testing; there are already devices available in the UK allowing you to do this, but they lack the convenience of an online display reminding you to turn off all the lights at bedtime.



  • Lol
    Fuck me they really do want to take over the world, I don't need reminding to turn of all the lights at night thanks, my eyes are quiet capable of reminding my brain that they are still on then sends a message, even quicker than my broadband connection, to my hand and 'click' whoaa isn't technology wonderful. Just Google jumping on the boring enviroment bandwagon and who cares about Google employees.... desperate.
  • Gus
    "I don't own a toaster and because I live by myself, I've always used my standard electric oven to toast bread. After seeing the power spikes from my sunday breakfasts, I did a little research on the power required to toast bread using a toaster compared to an electric oven and found that toasting bread in an oven uses 33 times as much energy as a typical toaster! With this savings, I realized that I would save money (not to mention time) by buying a toaster." Don, Software Engineer what a genious!
  • North R.
    google - becoming the brain, so you don't engage yours . . :whistling:
  • Martin
    So do you need to leave your pc up and running using power whilst monitoring your power usage?
  • Daniel B.
    Re: Martin No, just use your NC10 laptop with 6 hours of battery life and when it needs charging, do it for free at the local library/pub/train station whatever is convenient. The end result is YOU have saved energy and money.
  • Google B.
    [...] with the UK launch of their new ‘PowerMeter’ electricity consumption contraption/service that we previewed earlier in the year. They claim they’re doing it save the planet and all of its innocent dying penguins, but doubts [...]

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