Google's cloud-based music service revealed

9 March 2011

It's long been rumoured that Google is preparing to launch a cloud-based music service that'll include storage and a subscription service. From the looks of this evidence, it's going to happen sometime soon, and possibly before Apple get their cloud-based service to market.

Bitterwallet - Google Music sync

This is a screenshot from an Android handset running an app found on the Motorola Xoom tablet, which also uses the Android operating system. A member of the XDA developer's forums found that the Honeycomb version of the app allowed him to sync music with a remote storage service. The developer tested the service by inserting an empty memory card into his handset, and found he could retrieve his music from cloud storage. Several other developers have verfied the claims.

There's no word on storage limits and the system doesn't appear to be fault-free, with lots of people reporting issues with playing the music they've recovered. That's hardly surprising since the service hasn't launched or even been announced yet, and may not be for several months to come. It's certainly on the way, though.

[XDA Developers]

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  • hippy
    I like music, i like clouds, i like being serviced so i will probably like this for my android phone :)
  • jax
    @hippy, you also missed out you like sounding like a complete cunt
  • Jimbo F.
    @jax look in the mirror, then put arrogant in there somewhere.

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