Google won't search for Chuck Norris because...

Ah, Google - you may be attempting to take over the world with your schemes, but at least you still have a sense of humour about it. We hadn't seen this before, so thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Mungo Splodge for passing it on.

Start at the Google homepage, and turn off the auto-search feature. Type "Google won't" and then hit "I'm Feeling Lucky":

Bitterwallet - Google won't search for Chuck Norris
Genius. And so true.


  • Colin
    Its not from Google, it just happens to be the first site found when "Google Won't" is searched for. (, which says 'This page has no affiliation with Google nor Chuck Norris'.
  • Mat
    I don't think it's actually Google that's done it - 'I'm Feeling Lucky' sends you to the top search result, so it's another page that's designed to look like Google. Bit like the 'French military defeats' one. Good though.
  • Mat
    Gah, beaten to it. Colin, you're slick.
  • klingelton
    try the same thing with french military victories. so old and so true!
  • Real D.
    Its been there for years...... Old story........................................
  • Peter T.
    The folk who bring up the French Military Victories cliche should really look at Military Conflicts Won By The United States On Its Own.
  • Graeme
    how old is this!
  • thingonaspring
    In 2008 NoChuckNorris received over 4,800,000 unique visitors. i'm sure it's older than that, too.
  • Maggie
    This article is almost as good as the (now deleted) Bitterwallet article about having your iPad officially engraved voiding it's warranty.
  • Al
    Blimey Paul this must be a record for BW - this is at least 10 years old. Next you'll be telling us to search for 'miserable failure' in google...
  • Nobby
    > Next you’ll be telling us to search for ‘miserable failure’ in google… Don't ruin this year's big BW Xmas story.
  • Knobsabove
    It never fails to amaze me that SO MANY people who read this site HATE the authors, and just look for any excuse to slate them for articles they put up. IF YOU DONT LIKE THEIR OUTPUT......... .........FUCK OFF!
  • Big A.
    @Knobsabove - I visit this site daily and do like most of their output. However on a site like this that often has a pop at others for reprinting rubbish found on the internet I think it's fair game. I also am able to type without leaving my caps lock key on or leaving juvenile profanities in my posts.
  • Mungo S.
    Well done to all you cock sockets for pointing out that this is old news... im sure you will all profess to having seen every single thing ever on the interweb ever, but i havent so thought it was pretty funny. Well done BW... keep on trucking.

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