Google want to kill the password

Google want to kill the password

Google are again looking at killing the password as we know it. They're in a long line of companies who want to change the way we access our accounts, with Yahoo! and HSBC looking at alternatives.

We've previously spoken about Google's interest in this area, and they're at it again, saying that they're going to do some tests next month.

So what have they got up their sleeves? Well, one thing was introduced at the I/O conference, called the Trust API. Basically, they're going to run their ideas past "several very large financial institutions".

Instead of tapping in a password, they'd like to see a number of things employed as a combination, so you can get into your accounts and social networks.

So, one thing could be the shape of your face and a voice pattern. Some more interesting ideas involve your devices looking at the way you move, or how you type.

Presumably, your smartphone will have to constantly be checking on your behaviours, which might have some privacy concerns for some, while others might be worried that this will hammer your battery life.

Google think that, by combining some of these together, everything will be much safer.

Instead of a binary thing like a password, Google's API give a score, on how likely it is that you're using the phone and trying to access private information. So, if a bank wants everything to be watertight, then it'll ask for more ID, while something less important will be more relaxed.

With people struggling to remember their passwords in many cases, this could see and end to having to remember such things.

Does this sound like a dream come true, or a complete nightmare waiting to happen?

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