Google want a billion dollars of internet satellites

satellite Google are throwing their money around like Elton John in the '70s at the moment and, in their latest Look At Us, they've announced that they are going to spend over $1 billion to deploy hundreds of low-Earth orbit satellites.

Why? They want to give the internet to places on Earth that aren't very well served. That means they can get all that lovely personal data of people in poorer countries and make even more money through Google Ads.

This is not Google's first journey into the sky.

Last year, they unveiled Project Loon which saw them getting excited about remote-controlled solar-powered air-balloons that go 12 miles above the Earth's surface and can navigate stratospheric winds while communicating with antennas and receiver stations here on our planet. Even though the Project Loon balloons are higher than plane travel, they want to go even higher.

One thing in Google's favour is that they have already bought Titan Aerospace, who make a solar-powered high-altitude drone that can stay in the air for years.

Of course, Facebook are in on this too. They've been looking toward the skies and getting involved with Titan Aerospace and will work with them on a thing called, a coalition of mobile tech companies that are working together to bring internet access to those that don't have it.

Is it just us, or does this sound like the embryonic stages of the kind of dastardly plan you see in James Bond films?

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