Google Wallet teams up with Visa

20 September 2011

google wallet

Paying for stuff with your phone? What is this - the future? That's what's happening though with the rather exciting looking Google Wallet. And the internet giant has teamed up with Visa (and MasterCard have already signed up) which means that, once it gets up and running, the service will be acceptable just about everywhere in the universe.

Provided of course, you have a smartphone with the relevant app. There's no point wafting your Nokia 3310 around at a cashier's face and shouting 'HAS IT PAID THE INTERNET MONEY YET? HAS IT? HAS IT?'

Visa has announced that Google Wallet users will be able to pay anywhere there's a Visa PayWave terminal installed too. When this rolls out across the world, we're going to be the fanciest planet in the solar system.

This is all good news as people wanting to use Wallet needed to sign up with MasterCard, which held the whole thing back a little, but now Visa are on-board and the industry starts to come together, it looks like it come become a real player.

So will we all be paying for items with the tap of a phone soon?


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  • james D.
    I just don't want to be tied to a payment system that leaves me cashless if I drop it or my battery runs out, what's wrong with visa contactless payment?
  • Your J.
    I can remember the old days when people used phones for talking to each other. I guess I'm showing my age.
  • lumoruk
    RealPlayer is a trademark of Real Networks
  • Tiny S.
    And I remember a time when we used money to buy things as well. So much better and much harder to track.

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