Google+ upgrades - now everyone can be indifferent about it

Google-Plus-social-networ-007 Some of you might have been using Google+, the underwhelming new social network, for the past three months. Some of you might have signed up, given it a couple of weeks and then deleted your account. We don’t blame you.

But Google have been looking to make it all nice and better and have announced nine new improvements to it today. The main one is that is has gone from ‘field trial’ status to ‘beta’ – with signups available to everyone.

Additionally, the search feature has been improved, and so has Hangouts, the live, multi-user video chat service. Apparently you can now do a Hangout from a mobile device and the Google+ Android app has already been updated (the iOS update is coming soon).

So pile in everyone, but don’t go using the video chat feature for the wrong reasons eh?


  • Tyler W.
    Social Networks - for those too fat and lazy to have proper relationships/lives.
  • bingobango
    Now now Tyler no need to be so bitter. Very few of my friends seem to have signed up to G+, it will be interesting to see if this beta will change that. I really doubt it - it doesn't really offer much more than facebook - although in saying that a lot of people made the transition from bebo to FB. People don't like change especially when they have to learn new ways of doing things. It was painful enough for most to learn how to 'use' facebook, most of the people I know find it hard to upload photos ffs.
  • bingobango
    The way I see it: bebo / myspace were like VHS. Along came Facebook and it was like DVD. Google+ is like Blu-ray. It's nice - but not that much better than DVD so that the 'average' person would notice. I rest my case.

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