Google unveil YouTube's funniest video - apparently

As you may know, Google are absolutely daft for algorithms. Those wacky funsters have got some kind of mathematical calculation for everything, now including humour. Anyone with half a brain will know that humour is entirely subjective and that it can’t be ranked, which must confuse and annoy the boffins at Google.

All of that probably explains why they’ve now come up with some ‘special software’ that can apparently ‘rate’ humour – based on the comments left in a YouTube video. The chin-stroking oddballs in the algorithm department duly came up with a shortlist of what theoretically are the funniest videos in the world, and then threw it open to a public vote. This one won – you might want to reinforce your sides before you watch it…



  • Steve
  • Businessman
    No this is incredibly hilarious... to Americans...
  • fra
    as funny as phlegm
  • Chicken s.
    It's so funny lol pmsl lmao etc. He's trying to get the tomato from through the fan blades but he hurts his head and moans about it. Hahahahahahahaha...
  • Pickles
    FUNNY ???? Not !!
  • Tonkers
    There's no cat, I'm confused.
  • haggis
    The Cat is doing the voiceover.
  • Dick
    A better plan would have been to turn the plan off first. Or not to stick the tomato on the ceiling in the first place.
  • Dick
    Arrrgh fan not plan.
  • Steve
    Why was the tomato on the ceiling???? Better if it was on one of the fan blades!!!!!!! Grass hopper would have done a better job of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Boris
    A better plan would be to mount razor blades onto the fan and give the annoying oink what he deserves. Who'd look like a smashed tomato then eh? Sadly, next week he'll be doing another "lame" Jackass stunt in a shopping trolley or similar. In an unrelated matter; I have a longing to be reminded about the beauty of Christmas. Does anybody know of any sites that still have Christmas related pictures up because they are too lazy to get of their fat arses do the most important jobs?

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