Google TV to sweep the world by next year

google TV old Riiiight, what’s Google’s big idea THIS WEEK then? Stop guessing now because we’re going to tell you – it’s Google TV. Hot on the heels of Apple’s attempts to make Apple TV sound like a good thing, Google have unveiled their previously-mooted plans to puke themselves into the tellyboxes of everyone on the world.

Due to launch in the US of America in the autumn and around the globe next year, the move makes the humble television set the new battleground between Google and Apple. Although they won’t be making their own programmes, Google are hoping to rake in a big wheelbarrow filled with advertising cash at some point following the launch.

Google say that internet browsing on your TV will be a major part of the new scheme, along with the streaming of programming that they haven’t told anyone about yet. Although it sounds as though the unusual new content delivery method will just appear on our screens overnight, that won’t be the case and Google TV will initially be delivered via a smattering of products from Logitech and Sony.

So then, internet and on-demand programming on every TV in the land by 2015? That’s a tough one…


  • The B.
    Yeah, that'll work, how many iterations has Apple TV had so far? And how much take up has it had? BB-warez is where it's at.
  • zleet
    Look forward to all the 'content not available in your area' screens.
  • Sh
    Google also announced they're making an iPad killer

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