Google TV: Coming to a living room near you

25 June 2012

Bitterwallet - Google logoInternet giant, Google, is going to start making inroads into the UK television market with the launch of its first product in July. And it'll be made by Sony.

Basically, the TV will - aside from allowing you to watch telly - enable users to browse the internet, play games and watch videos and all that jazz, to give us all 'smart TV'. It's the last bastion of entertainment that hasn't been 'revolutionised' by the advent of the internet.

Google will launch the internet TV set-top boxes that will be priced £200-£300 from 16 July. It'll be based on the Android platform and, immediately, you can imagine it'll be great for apps such as iPlayer and YouTube. That said, Google TV has not performed well in the States.

Suveer Kothari, Google's head of global TV distribution, said this launch was "the beginning of a long journey" for the company's TV ambitions in Europe. "We think there's going to be huge benefits from bringing the internet to TV. Google TV attempts to address the problem that there's not really a great experience to access the internet on your TV screen, which is a similar problem we saw in the smartphone market five years ago."

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  • Zleet
    With android on a TV you will be able to send a link to the google TV in the same way you can from chrome to a phone or tablet. That way you could send a video link from a mobile device and watch it on a bigger screen. Shared processing and headless storage is the way forward in the home environment. With a upnp music app on my tablet I can request albums stored on my server be played on numerous devices in different rooms (same with xbmc app and player). In the future rather than sitting at a computer it will be a box under the stairs that you access from a tablet and this handles storage and brute processing when necessary and all these devices will be linked so you can move between them seamlessly. I can already do much of this now with my mixture of devices but i've heard rumours of Apple coming out with a (I would guess limited) version of this so expect all the technical press to say they 'invented' it.
  • Pizza A.
    Don't get me wrong, I HATE APPLE.... but how do Google expect to sell these things for "£200 - £300" when an Apple TV thingy costs <£100.... Perhaps they were thinking that by getting Sony to make it, they could sell it as a high quality product from a sought after brand".... whoops....
  • Idi A.
    I don't think this is so much an announcement about what they're going to do, more to take some glow off the long-rumoured Apple TV (i.e. an actual cloud-connected and gesture controlled TV set, not the TV box thing they already make). Apple will announce it and people will say "but how does it compare to Google TV?"
  • Bob
    What a joke, against the new Xbox and apple tv it is way overpriced Will it need to be reset everyday and be fragmented?
  • Spandex B.
    When will there be a TV that can send shows directly into my brain?
  • Filter P.
    m e a t ...
  • Zleet
    @Idi Amin Samsung have already started down the road of a truly 'smart' TV with internet access, voice and gesture controls. Apple will probably accuse samsung of non chronological patent infringement (and win). Regarding this product, £300 and made by Sony. You should take it straight off the production line and just put it in the bin.
  • Filter P.
    @Zleet sound advice

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