Google turns to analogue advertising to save Chrome

Google don't advertise. And why should they? They're Google. It's like having to advertise air. Something has changed, however. Perhaps the G-Men were expecting that once they launched their Chrome web browser last year, they'd rule the world as they so often do. Except it's yet to happen - Chrome is used by just 1.42 per cent of internet users. It's failure to make a quick impact isn't helped by the fact that nearly nine months on from it's Beta launch, there's still no version available for Macs.

So Google has launched a television advertising campaign.  That's right - as traditional media collapses, Google starts spending money on it to promote Chrome, with this commercial appearing on American networks:

How take-up of Chrome be helped by an advert that fails to explain what it's advertising is unclear. The point of utilising television is to reach a mass-market that is less tech-savvy - in which case surely you need to tell them what it is you're pushing? Otherwise it just looks like you're sponsoring a retro-version of Breakout.


  • Chairman
  • j.l
    I love the 'install chrome' bit - reminds me of the family guy episode 'smoke'
  • Rob L.
    I use Chrome quite regularly, mainly because of the speed it starts up and renders pages. It really needs to start adding plugins though, like Firefox - and if subsequent versions of Firefox improve their speed, then I'd probably switch back to that for my normal browsing.
  • him
    Most people will indeed think that is a advert for some free type of brick game, oh dear goofle fail.
  • aty
    If Sir Alan Sugar saw this ad I wonder what he would think ! yes YOU'RE FIRED
  • John J.
    Out of all the browsers I still find Opera the fastest,easiest (love the speed dial with images of homepages) and quickest.
  • phatboy123
    Its okay, seems faster but is not. It just rushes to display everything prematurely. firefox still offers way more imo
  • Ducky
    I love firefox, but I (like many people) have been having trouble to get it to display PDFs lately. And, it could be because I've not cleared temporary files in ages but it seems very slow and laggy. Many videos/flash items don't work exactly as they should either... despite having lots of plugins. I'm actually finding that I'm beginning to prefer Internet Explorer again from version 8... which is bad news considering that I'm a bit of a FireFox fan-boy. ANYHOW: IF GOOGLE MADE A BREAK-OUT GAME, I'D DOWNLOAD IT. So many people waste so much time on flash games. Why don't companies like google figure that out and make something?? :o)
  • danmc
    This ad had the reverse effect I hate being told what to do I will never Install chrome. Unless possibly they release an ad telling me not too.
  • 4nd
    As far as I can see Safari 4 Beta is Google Chrome. It seems to have very similar layout/functionality. They've just made it look nicer. I don't see them ever releasing a version of Chrome for the Mac. They are in bed with Apple, and Apple want everyone using Safari.
  • Darren
    that has got to to be the worst Advert ever!
  • SimbaK2K
    I like chrome, but until they ad adblock support I won't ever give up firefox 3!
  • Colin
    The whole point of chrome is that there isn't adblock. Why do you think Google make a browser in the first place?
    Exactly colin - google want all your browsing details, they want you seeing ads, webbugs, tracking cookies etc. It's how they make money. I'll use chrome after I'm dead...
  • William
    Why is this such a surprise? Most of today's advertising doesn't work – even at the most basic level it fails to communicate and sell. What has happened to the industry?

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